Learning Resources Computer Lab Guidelines

Guidelines for Use

  • Learning Resources Computer Lab resources, facilities, and services are available to SCC faculty and staff, students; SCC GED and continuing education students via sign in and any other college or university student via sign in with a valid student id from their home institution. Users must read, accept, and abide by the SCC Acceptable Use Policy and the LRCL Printing Procedure. The LRCL staff will strictly enforce the Acceptable Use Policy. Computer usage in the LRCL will be monitored at all times using SynchronEyes software.

  • Users of the LRCL must sign in at the Check-in Computer using a VALID Sandhills Community College student identification card. Students enrolled at other colleges must present valid identification.

  • Priority will be given to students needing to use LRCL resources for academic purposes.

  • Modifications MUST NOT be made to LRCL Computers. All work must be saved to a UBS Flash Drive which can be purchased at SCC’s bookstore

  • The LRCL is a quiet study area. Students are expected to respect the rights of others at all times. Cell phones may not be used in the LRCL.

  • No food or drink is permitted in the LRCL.

  • Children are not permitted in the LRCL and they are not permitted to use the LRCL computers.

  • Computers will be started for users. Users should not attempt to turn on or reboot computers. All technical problems must be referred to LRCL staff members. Users should not attempt to solve technical problems themselves.

  • The Learning Resources Computer Lab is an open computer lab operating on a first come, first served basis. Computers can not be reserved for individuals or classes.