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It's Back to School for College Students

Rear view of a male teacher giving a lecture.Students of all ages and from many walks of life are preparing for Fall Semester 2017 at Sandhills Community College. Classes will begin Monday, August 14.
Enrolling in college credit classes at Sandhills is relatively easy. An application for new students or those returning after more than 15 months absent is available at or at the college. Unlike many colleges and universities, there is no charge to apply. Plus, all applicants are accepted.
New students are required to submit high school and college transcripts and take a placement test to determine correct class placement. SAT or ACT scores can be submitted, or your high school GPA may exempt you from the test.
The college re-implemented Orientation this year, inviting new students to campus to learn more about student services, visit departments, and register for classes with their newly assigned advisors. After applying and submitting transcripts, new students will attend Orientation on August 10 and register for classes with an advisor. Current and returning students can register for classes using WebAdvisor until August 7 or come to campus on August 10 from 11 am-6 pm to register.
You do not have to be seeking a degree in order to take curriculum classes at Sandhills, classes are open to all. We have many community members taking classes in art, music, computers, automotive, and culinary for personal enrichment. You will need to fill out a college application and submit transcripts the first time you take a curriculum class.
The college also has two programs that can be completed entirely online, the Associate in Arts and Associate in Business Administration.
Non-credit Continuing Education class registration is ongoing and classes have varied start dates throughout the semester. All classes can be found in the college’s print magazine, flightPath, and they are posted on the college’s website. Classes can be registered for by phone with a credit card or by check or cash in person in Van Dusen Hall.
Student Numbers at SCC
Last year the college saw 3,838 curriculum students enrolled for fall semester. Thirty-three percent of those were under the age of 20 (does not include dual enrolled students), and 43.6% ranged from 20 to 29 (does not include dual enrolled students). This last age group is where the college is experiencing the most growth. A decade ago, a third of the curriculum students at Sandhills were over the age of 30. That number has dropped, and last year that age group made up less than a quarter of students.
The average age of students taking college level courses was 23. Forty-nine percent of students were under the age of 20 and 33 percent were between 20 and 29. Sixty percent were white, 17.5% of the African-American race, and the largest growth was Hispanic at 10.6%.
In 2016, enrollment in Continuing Education classes at Sandhills was 7,648.

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