How to Use One Drive (Store your files)

Follow the helpful guide below to learn how to access One Drive which allows students to store your school files in the Cloud for free. With OneDrive you can edit files online, share files with others, and store your school files in the Cloud.

Step 1

Student email icon on MySCC Page. A circle around an envelope with student email below it

Go to the MySCC page and click on Student Email.


Step 2

An image of multiple dot icon in the top right corner in outlook

Log in with your Sandhills login credentials. In the upper left corner, click the icon with multiple dots.


Step 3

The Apps window pops up with a list of Microsoft Apps. Click on the OneDrive App.


Step 4

Explore OneDrive and all its features. Students can create Microsoft office files, upload files, and sync their cloud files with a computer.

An image of Student Email link on MySCC pageOneDrive files are easily shared, edited, deleted, renamed, with the menu available by placing your cursor over the file. Files stored in One Drive are accessible from anywhere. All you need is internet access to view or download your files at anytime. OneDrive is a perfect compliment to storing your school files on a thumb drive or your home PC/laptop. Having your important files stored in multiple locations helps to minimize the potential of losing a critical homework assignment.

An image of Student Email link on MySCC page