How To Upload An Assignment

Follow the helpful tips below to learn how to upload an assignment in Moodle. Follow each step closely to help you minimize any potential technical problems you may have while uploading your assignment to Moodle.

Step 1

Navigate to your assignment. Assignments that require you to upload a file have an icon of a hand holding a piece of paper

Step 2

Add submission text written on a button

Read your assignment instructions closely. Scroll down and click the Add submission button.

Step 3


File submission area with a red arrow pointing to a piece of paper icon that adds the file

In the File submission area, click the small, grey paper icon to bring up the File picker.

Step 4


Upload file selected on the left side with a browse button below

In the File picker, choose Upload a file, then click the Browse button.

Step 5

Upload This File text written on button

Navigate to your file on your local computer and double click your assignment file. Click the Upload this file button.

Step 6


An uploaded word document is shown in the files area

Make sure your file is located in the box, then click the Save changes button.


Congratulations! You uploaded your assignment. Return to the assignment and you will see your uploaded file in the Submission status area with the Submission status set to “Submitted for grading”. If you do not see this, upload your file again.