Financial Aid Requirements

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. One application is filed each academic year.
  2. Enroll as a degree-seeking student in an eligible program.
  3. Enroll only in courses that are required for graduation in your degree program.
  4. Submit an official high school or GED transcript to the Admissions Department.
  5. Submit official college transcripts for any colleges previously attended to the Admissions Department.
  6. Hold a U.S. citizenship or an eligible non-citizenship status.
  7. Demonstrate financial need.
  8. Make satisfactory academic progress in program of study.
  9. Be in good standing, and not in default, on a federally subsidized education loan.
  10. Do not owe a federal overpayment for courses previously dropped while earning federal financial aid.
  11. Have no drug-related convictions that occurred while received federal financial aid.
  12. Do not be incarcerated in a federal or state penal institution.

For questions regarding financial aid requirements, contact the Financial Aid Office at 910.695.3743.