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Fall2 Semester Begins at SCC on September 16

The Sandhills Community College Fall2 Semester is a 12-week semester with the same course credits as the more extended 16-week semester. All course material is presented, and the corresponding assignments are required as in the longer semester, but the classes move a bit faster.

Most courses are allowable for college transfer and offered online. These classes can be ideal for students currently enrolled at a university out of the region but had classes disrupted or cancelled due to the pandemic spread. They are a fraction of the cost of a university course.

Financial Aid can be used toward these courses. The deadline for applying for aid is September 8. The last day to pay is September 15.

New students can apply to take these college credit classes from the “Apply Now” link at Transcripts will need to be submitted and an online orientation viewed prior to registering for classes.

Current or returning students can register using Self-Service or by meeting with their Advisor. Current students can also register by texting “REG” to 910.585.6064.


ACA 090          Student Success Strategies
ACA 122          College Transfer Success
ANT 201          General Anthropology
BUS 110          Introduction to Business
COM 110         Introduction to Communication
COM 120         Interpersonal Communication
COM 231         Public Speaking
ENG 002          Transition English
ENG 111          Writing and Inquiry
ENG 011          Writing and Inquiry Support
ENG 112          Writing/Research in the Disc
ENG 231          American Literature I
HEA 112          First Aid & CPR
HIS 111            World Civilizations I
HIS 131            American History I
HIS 132            American History II
HUM 115         Critical Thinking
MAT 003         Transition Math
MAT 143         Quantitative Literacy
MUS 110         Music Appreciation
OST 131           Keyboarding
PHI 215            Philosophical Issues
POL 120           American Government
PSY 150           General Psychology
PSY 241           Development Psych
PSY 281           Abnormal Psychology
REL 110           World Religion
REL 211           Intro To Old Testament
SOC 210          Introduction to Sociology
SOC 213          Sociology of the Family
SOC 220          Social Problems
SPA 111           Elementary Spanish

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