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Tim Hunt poses for a photo outside on campus at SCC.If you walk up the stairs in Student Services to office 229, you’ll find Tim Hunt, director of Personal Counseling Services. “I provide counseling services to student, staff, and faculty.

“I help my clients heal from past traumas, encourage problem-solving to present-day issues, and remind all that visit with me that they have the inner strength/resiliency to conquer and be the winner that they are. I have a cool job!”

According to Tim, his other titles include “Hot Chocolate Bringer, “Ice Pop Dealer,” and “Comic Relief.” It comes as no surprise that he’s a big foodie and secretly wishes his office could be moved to the Culinary department.

Tim arrived at Sandhills in January of 2019. He earned his B.S in Rehabilitation Studies, M.S in Substance Abuse Counseling, and M.S in Clinical counseling all from East Carolina University, and is currently working towards his Ph.D. in Counselor Education at North Carolina State University.

Tim has plenty to say about why he loves working here. “I have worked in a lot of different settings in my 18 years with the state. It is the people here that I have to say make this job and place great.

“It is an amazing time for me. All of these wonderful people pour into me on the daily. I leave work full of laughter, warmth, and smiling. I have found my ‘people.’”

Tim has been married to his wife Denise for 19 years. During his downtime, Tim watches movies with his kids, Samuel, Elijah, Malachi, and Zoe. He enjoys sitting on his front porch at night listening to the sounds of the country, running and working out, creating things, painting, and praying for others.

The Personal Counseling Center is a great resource for SCC students. Students can address issues like adjusting to a new setting, personal growth, or setting new academic goals for yourself. Tim can also assist with anxiety, depression, and other related issues that can impede or affect their studies. The Counseling Center offers six free sessions per semester for students. To schedule a session, email or call Tim at, (910) 695-3968.

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