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After graduating from Scotland High School in Laurinburg, Teresa Sheets began working in the textile industry. After 39 years, she found herself without a job when the company downsized and eventually closed due to foreign competition. The federal government’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Program provides aid to workers like Teresa, and she was able to go back to school.

“Choosing Sandhills was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” Teresa said. She loved her instructors and classes and worked for the Physical Plant as a Work Study student.

Even though she was set to receive a degree in Medical Office Administration, one of her professors suggested she apply for an open position at the college as an Administrative Assistant to the Executive Vice President. Upon graduation in 2016, she began working full-time at Sandhills.

Teresa said, “It’s difficult to name just one thing that makes Sandhills such a great place. We have the best leaders, the best instructors, and the best fellow associates. Everyone makes a conscious effort to be kind, helpful, and respectful of others. It’s truly a happy place!”

Teresa adds that no two days are the same. “Plans change and adjustments are necessary. My days are filled with meetings, requests, and deadlines. I also prepare payroll for part-time employees, and that in and of itself is challenging. It’s amazing how at the close of each day, I feel that I’ve accomplished much, and look forward to whatever surprises await me the following day.”

So what does she do when the work day is over? With six grandchildren, that question is a no-brainer. Teresa also likes to garden.

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