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Image of Taylor McCaskill in front of a brick building.

As with many native southern NC belles, Taylor McCaskill’s manner of speaking is often mistaken for a Texas accent. However, she is from Warsaw, NC. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from NC State, she headed back east for grad school at ECU. There she earned a Master of Arts in Education in Instructional Technology.

After working as the Director of Distance Learning at Richmond Community College, Taylor came onboard at SCC when the college was planning for accreditation renewal. “The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) chosen to be addressed by the college as a part of renewal involved distance learning,” said Taylor. “I learned they would be hiring a QEP Director and the rest is history.”

As the QEP Director, Taylor has spent the past five years managing a project designed to improve the academic performance of distance learning students by ensuring course quality and helping faculty enhance their online courses. “While the QEP is coming to an end,” Taylor explains, “there are many aspects of the project that will remain a part of our online course delivery. Overall, our students and faculty are much more satisfied with the enhancements made. Our faculty feels better prepared to teach online, and our students are reporting consistency in the courses.

“As a college, we can say with confidence we are providing a high-quality online learning experience for our students.”

Regarding the work environment at the college, Taylor remarked, “Being a part of Sandhills means you are a part of a family, whether you are an employee or student. You’re supported with an army of people that help you be the best version of yourself.

“We also support others, helping everyone be their best. That sort of support begins at the top with our administrators.”

Taylor and her husband have three little girls who are their delight. “Our girls are lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents in the area – we have a great deal of support.”

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