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Ask anyone who works at Sandhills who is the college’s biggest Elvis fan and they will surely tell you Marla Goodwin. Marla’s office is filled with some of the Elvis memorabilia she has collected over the years. She even has an Elvis costume she wears on special occasions.

When her thoughts are not on The King of Rock, Marla is busy auditing equipment purchased by the college, tagging and scanning each piece yearly for a State audit, and issuing purchase orders.

Marla began at the college 20 years ago in Accounts Receivable and moved to her current position as the Equipment Inventory Coordinator. Before coming to Sandhills, Marla was a cosmetologist and later worked for 14 years in banking.

Like so many who work at the college, Marla expresses that she feels valued and respected and is proud to work at Sandhills.

Marla is from Jackson Springs and attended Richmond Senior High School. She is very close to her daughter, who is studying to be a Veterinary Technician. She enjoys remodeling her home, crafts, sewing, and baking.

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