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Image of Jaime McLeod sitting in front of a brick background.The Graduate Walk, the walkway of sponsored bricks engraved with alumni names which graduates pass over at commencement, is Jaime McLeod’s favorite spot on campus. In addition to himself, his father, brother, and sister graduated from Sandhills. “Sandhills feels like home to me,” he said.

After earning an Associate in Applied Science in Internet Technologies, Jaime went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at St. Andrews Presbyterian College, a Master of Science in Instructional Technology at ECU, and a Doctor of Education in Community College Executive Leadership from Wingate University.

Jaime began working at Sandhills in 2006 as a Computer Support Specialist in Information Services and today is a Distance Learning Design Specialist. He helps students and faculty use technology to teach and learn predominantly through the Learning Management System, Moodle. Training, teaching, supporting, and keeping up with the latest changes in technology are typically part of his workday. He is also an Associate Professor teaching courses in Digital Media.

“The college is fortunate because there is a tremendous amount of community support for education,” said Jaime. “I think the great importance the community places on education helps make Sandhills a special place.”

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