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EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Elizabeth “Libba” Thomas

When asked to describe her typical day, Elizabeth “Libba” Thomas laughs, “ I never have one! I may have plans, but more pressing matters often thwart them, or I am pulled away to help students or assist employees.”

Libba is the college’s Associate Vice President/Chief Financial Officer. She attended UNC-Chapel Hill and earned a degree in Business with an Accounting concentration and is a Certified Management Accountant.

Coming to the college six years ago, Libba says that moving to the Sandhills region was very good for her family. “My daughter discovered her love for lacrosse, my son found a job that may lead to a great career, and my husband’s part-time job introduced us to many people in the community.”

“Sandhills has a heart and soul,” she said. “The mood created here over 50 years ago remains unchanged. There is a welcoming spirit that you won’t find at any other community college.”

When not overseeing the crunching of numbers, Libba loves to travel with her family and to listen to live music. She enjoys exercising and tasting craft beers. “I have to do the first so that I can do the latter,” she says.

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