Digital Media Technology

NOTE: Starting in Fall 2021 the courses for this program have changed.  Please see the new Course Requirements.  Details on the updated Certificates will be available soon.

The Digital Media program prepares students for entry-level jobs in the digital design and multimedia industry. Students learn to synthesize multimedia, hypertext, computer programming, information architecture, and client/server technologies using both Internet and non-network-based media.

Students develop skills in communication, critical thinking, and problem solving as well as interface design, multimedia formats, application programming, data architecture, and client/server technologies. The program develops technical skills through practical applications that employ current and emerging standards and technologies.

Graduates should qualify for employment as web designers, graphic artists/designers, multimedia specialists, web developers, web content specialists, media specialists, information specialists, digital media specialists, animation specialists, interface designers, and many new jobs yet to be defined in this expanding field.

This curriculum utilizes industry-standard software such as Adobe Creative Cloud™.

Because the use of computers is integral to this curriculum, some courses are delivered in an online format.

Unique Aspects

Industry-standard software is utilized to teach skills that include :

  • image composition and manipulation of photographic images
  • creation of digital images for use in print and web publications
  • use and impact of color
  • crafting custom designs using the latest in computer technology
  • design concepts and procedures for producing print and web documents
  • videography techniques – editing and creation of high quality interactive DVD content
  • audio manipulation to enhance multimedia projects
  • generating dynamic web content.


Digital Media Certificate

The Digital Media Certificate is designed to develop skills for the creation of web-based materials and interactive products. Emphasis is placed on desktop production. Skills in editing, compositing, and visual effects are developed using cutting-edge software. The certificate also emphasizes the underlying theories of design and learning that are essential for high quality products. This program is ideal for someone who has already earned a degree or is working in a related field who would like to update his or her skills.

Print Design Certificate

With the availability of affordable publishing software for personal computers and low-cost printing devices, many individuals, businesses, and organizations now produce their own print material in-house. Creating print material that is effective requires an understanding of key design elements. The Print Design Certificate is designed to develop the fundamental skills, techniques, and software knowledge necessary to conceive, lay out, and produce graphics and type for print media. Topics include design theory as well as hands-on projects.

Web Content Management Certificate

Many of today’s websites contain dynamic interactive pages created in CMS (Content Management Systems) with content managed by databases. This certificate has as its goal the training of individuals in client-side programming skills to create effective database-driven websites. Topics also include learning HTML syntax to code pages, understanding how databases work, and developing actual projects utilizing the latest open source CMS.

Web Design Certificate

In today’s world, a web presence is becoming increasingly vital. However, it is just as important to understand what happens behind current software applications as well as online design principles and standards. This certificate covers web page creation from hand coding to understanding how to best utilize web creation software. Web design theory is stressed from the creation and manipulation of graphics on industry-standard software through optimization for the web to actual hands-on projects.

Contact Information

Jackie Babb, Program Coordinator
207 Little Hall