Course Specific Fees for 2020-21

CourseCourse TitleFeeFee Description
AER-110Air Navigation$26Aviation Fee
ARC-230Environmental Systems$1,000Travel Fee
ART-135Figure Drawing I$50Fees Figure Drawing
ART-231Printmaking I$20Art Supplies Fee
ART-232Printmaking II$20Art Supplies Fee
ART-281Sculpture I$20Art Supplies Fee
ART-283Ceramics I$20Art Supplies
AST-111ADescriptive Astronomy Lab$25Science Fee
BIO-094Concepts of Human Biology$25Science Fee
BIO-110Principles of Biology$25Science Fee
BIO-111General Biology I$25Science Fee
BIO-112General Biology II$25Science Fee
BIO-120Introductory Botany$25Science Fee
BIO-130Introductory Zoology$25Science Fee
BIO-140AEnvironmental Biology Lab$10Biology Fee
BIO-163Basic Anat & Physiology$25Science Fee
BIO-165Anatomy and Physiology I$25Science Fee
BIO-166Anatomy and Physiology II$25Science Fee
BIO-175General Microbiology$25Science Fee
BIO-275Microbiology$25Science Fee
BPA-210Cake Design & Decorating$100Bpa 210 Fee
CEG-212Intro to Environmental Tech$1,000Travel Fee
CHM-130AGen, Org, & Biochem Lab$25Science Fee
CHM-151General Chemistry I$25Science Fee
CHM-152General Chemistry II$25Science Fee
CHM-251Organic Chemistry I$25Science Fee
CHM-252Organic Chemistry II$25Science Fee
COS-112Salon I$480Salon I Kit #1
COS-112Salon I$18Malpractice Insurance
COS-114Salon II$227Salon II Kit #2
COS-114Salon II$18Malpractice Insurance
COS-118Salon IV$18Malpractice Insurance
CUL-140Culinary Skills I$100Culinary Specific Fees
CUL-160Baking I$100Culinary Specific Fees
CUL-170Garde Manger I$100Culinary Specific Fees
CUL-214Wine Appreciation$100Culinary Specific Fees
EGR-110Eng and Design Graphics$300Travel Fee
EMS-121AEMT Clinical Practicum$20Medical Record Tracking
EMS-121AEMT Clinical Practicum$18Malpractice Insurance
EMS-122EMS Clinical Practicum I$20Medical Record Tracking
EMS-122EMS Clinical Practicum I$84Curriculum Fisdap Paramedic
EMS-122EMS Clinical Practicum I$18Malpractice Insurance
EMS-122EMS Clinical Practicum I$70Uniform Fee
EMS-241EMS Clinical Practicum IV$18Malpractice Insurance
EMS-260Trauma Emergencies$27Int'l Trauma Life Support Fee
EMS-285EMS Capstone$18Ems 285 Fee Aha
GEL-111Geology$25Science Fee
HEA-112First Aid & CPR$27Red Cross Cpr Card
HFS-212Exercise Programming$18Malpractice Insurance
HFS-218Lifestyle Chng & Wellness$25Lifestyle Changes Fee
HUM-120Cultural Studies$1,000Travel Fee
HUM-220Human Values and Meaning$1,000Travel Fee
LSG-244Advanced Issues/LSG$1,000Travel Fee
MLT-110Intro to MLT$20Medical Record Tracking
MLT-110Intro to MLT$200Mlt Lab Fee
MLT-252MLT Practicum I$18Malpractice Insurance
MTH-110Fundamentals of Massage$18Malpractice Insurance
MTH-210Adv Skills of Massage$18Malpractice Insurance
NAS-101Nurse Aide I$18Malpractice Insurance
NAS-102Nurse Aide II$18Malpractice Insurance
NUR-111Intro to Health Concepts$20Medical Record Tracking
NUR-111Intro to Health Concepts$18Malpractice Insurance
NUR-111Intro to Health Concepts$300Nursing Kit Specific Fee
NUR-111Intro to Health Concepts$80Nursing Specific Fee
NUR-112Health-Illness Concepts$80Nursing Specific Fee
NUR-113Family Health Concepts$18Malpractice Insurance
NUR-113Family Health Concepts$80Nursing Specific Fee
NUR-114Holistic Health Concepts$160Nursing Specific Fee
NUR-211Health Care Concepts$80Nursing Specific Fee
NUR-213Complex Health Concepts$160Nursing Specific Fee
NUR-214Nsg Transition Concepts$20Medical Record Tracking
NUR-214Nsg Transition Concepts$300Nursing Kit Specific Fee
NUR-214Nsg Transition Concepts$160Nursing Specific Fee
OPH-116Ophtha Med Assist Pract I$18Malpractice Insurance
OPH-150Intro to Ophth Med Assist$20Medical Record Tracking
PED-125Self-Defense - Beginning$20Self-Defense Specific Fee
PED-163Kayaking-Basic$115Kayaking Specific Fee
PED-170Backpacking$10Backpacking Specific Fee
PED-173Rock Climbing$65Rock Climbing Specific Fee
PED-181Snow Skiing - Beginning$140Snow Skiing Specific Fee
PED-212Snowboarding - Beginning$215Snow Boarding Specific Fee
PHY-110AConceptual Physics Lab$25Science Fee
PHY-131Physics-Mechanics$25Science Fee
PHY-151College Physics I$25Science Fee
PHY-152College Physics II$25Science Fee
PHY-251General Physics I$25Science Fee
PHY-252General Physics II$25Science Fee
PSY-118Interpersonal Psychology$20Psychology Specific Fee
RAD-110Rad Intro & Patient Care$20Medical Record Tracking
RAD-151RAD Clinical Ed I$19Radiography Dosimeters
RAD-151RAD Clinical Ed I$18Malpractice Insurance
RAD-151RAD Clinical Ed I$173Rad 151 Fee
RAD-161RAD Clinical Ed II$19Radiography Dosimeters
RAD-171RAD Clinical Ed III$19Radiography Dosimeters
RAD-251RAD Clinical Ed IV$19Radiography Dosimeters
RAD-251RAD Clinical Ed IV$18Malpractice Insurance
RAD-261RAD Clinical Ed V$19Radiography Dosimeters
RCP-110Intro to Respiratory Care$20Medical Record Tracking
RCP-139RCP Clinical Practice I$50Respiratory Therapy Exam
RCP-139RCP Clinical Practice I$18Malpractice Insurance
RCP-215Career Preparation$70Respiratory 215 Test Fee
SCI-110Principles of Science$25Science Fee
SRV-240Topo/Site Surveying$1,000Travel Fee
SUR-110Intro to Surg Tech$20Medical Record Tracking
SUR-111Periop Patient Care$18Malpractice Insurance
SUR-111Periop Patient Care$75Supplies Fee
SUR-122Surgical Procedures I$35Sur 122 Fee
SUR-123SUR Clinical Practice I$25X-Ray Dosimeters
SUR-135SUR Clinical Practice II$25X-Ray Dosimeters
SUR-137Professional Success Prep$90Supplies Fee
SUR-210Adv SUR Clinical Practice$25X-Ray Dosimeters
SUR-210Adv SUR Clinical Practice$18Malpractice Insurance
TRN-180Basic Welding for Transp$50Automotive Specific Fee