Coronavirus Updates

Sandhills Community College values the health and well-being of our college community. Senior administration is closely monitoring local and regional updates, as well as advisories from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).    Recommendations from all of these health experts are being used as a guide as we determine actions that may be needed during the current outbreak of COVID-19.

If anything changes on the status of this disease as it relates to our community, we will comply with CDC regulations, and inform you immediately of the specifics of these changes, as well as next steps.

Coronavirus Update April 18, 2020

To our Sandhills Family of Supporters:

I hope this email finds you well and healthy.

In a time filled with much uncertainty, Sandhills is proud to be a part of a community of caring and helpful people.
We are doing our best to help our students stay on their feet and in school during this difficult time. Our faculty and staff put forward a herculean effort to move to all online instruction in a very short time.

Our Foundation has been hard at work to provide technology needs for students struggling to make the shift to online classes. We have already provided over 30 laptops for students in need and are working on doing more.

Many of you have reached out to ask how you can help – well, there are two areas where we could really use your support.
First, our students rely on a three-legged stool of financial support: Pell and state grants, scholarships, and their jobs. Like so many people in the last month, that last leg of support has been taken away because of business closures and layoffs. One of the best things students could do now is finish their college degree and be ready to seek a new and better career when this crisis is over – and that goal is being threatened.

We know the need is immediate – already students have begun to come to us to share their circumstances and ask for assistance. Guarantors funding is making a difference, but the need is greater than we have ever seen in the past.

Additionally, our Nursing and Health Science programs have donated any masks and other PPE as well as equipment we had on hand to local healthcare providers and nursing homes. It was the right thing to do for our community, but we know that replacing these supplies and equipment will be a large expense for the college when we resume regular classes.  

Making a gift online to the Sandhills Emergency Relief Fund is a meaningful way to get involved if you are in a position to help.

Your gift can be made easily and securely at

Now is the time to stay connected, encouraging, and looking forward – thank you for all you do to improve the lives of those around you (even from a distance!).

Best to you and your family for your continuing health and safety.


Germaine Elkins

Vice President, Institutional Advancement

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