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If you’ve seen a student doing flips and handstands around campus, chances are that it’s probably Lindsey Crites. This Health and Fitness Science major is a competitive and recreational gymnastics coach at Omega Gymnastics in Fayetteville and trains as a level 9 competitive gymnast.

Lindsey has a busy schedule and encapsulates the “belong” aspect of Sandhills’ tagline, active inside and outside of her program this semester. When not in class, she works as a Student Ambassador, is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and assists instructors and students in the Health and Fitness Science program.

As a Student Ambassador, Lindsey is looking forward to “meeting new people who are looking for guidance on their path to becoming college students or returning to college.”

She heard about Sandhills from her friends and chose Health and Fitness Science not only for her “love of health and fitness but also for the atmosphere that Program Coordinator and Associate Professor Shelby Basinger has provided for the program. She helps us students know that we can truly succeed. The program is full of amazing instructors who care about the success of the students, but Mrs. Basinger is the instructor I know I can go to for guidance about anything. She is my advisor, as well as someone I know I can always look up to.”

As for her future, Lindsey plans to transfer to UNC-Pembroke to continue studies in Health and Fitness Science. And after that? She plans to open a gymnastics facility with the help of her twin sister, Ashley.

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