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Sandhills Community College’s new “Belong” advertising campaign features current and recent students. The billboard you see here features Christopher Ford. He was photographed when he attended the annual Giles Leadership Academy.

Chris moved to the Sandhills region eight years ago from Centurion, South Africa after his father was recruited by Rite-Aid as a pharmacist. As a dual-enrollment student, Chris takes SCC classes while attending high school. He appreciates the small class sizes, which allows the opportunity to build relationships with instructors, as well as the student life activities and clubs. “There is so much more opportunity for growth than what meets the eye. Growth in academics, career opportunities, and friendships.”

Before attending Sandhills, Chris was a self-proclaimed, “shy and socially awkward person,” but he now proudly boasts that he “can speak publically with confidence and has made close friends.”

Chris plans to obtain an Associate in Engineering degree and transfer to a four-year university with the ultimate goal of a master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

During his free time, Chris enjoys working on cars and spending time with friends and family. He also enjoys playing golf. Chris helps out a friend who owns a small retail store, who gives him the freedom to take time off when he needs to for school work.
Although he is eager to finish his education at SCC, Chris encourages others to take into account that, “Sandhills offers more than just a stepping stone for your degree or studies. I wish people knew how friendly and helpful the faculty and staff are. We are able to study on a more personal level than those in university classes with hundreds of students.”

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