Child Care Grants

Childcare subsidies are available to a limited number of students. Students may apply for the grant to help cover the cost of a daycare or aftercare of their choice, with certain limitations.


Listed below are the requirements for the grant:

  1. Moore County residents must apply with the Moore County Department of Social Services (DSS) before applying for childcare assistance with the college. Applicants must bring paperwork from DSS confirming their application status.
  2. Must be a North Carolina resident.
  3. Non-Moore County residents must apply with the DSS Office in the county in which they live. Applicants must bring paperwork from DSS confirming their application status.
  4. Applicant must be enrolled in at least 6 face-to-face credit hours.
  5. A history of Satisfactory Academic Progress (2.0 GPA & 67% completion rate) is required and must be maintained to continue receiving childcare assistance.
  6. Up to two children per household may be covered with the budget.  This is subject to change due to budget changes.
  7. Children in daycare must be ages 0-5 and children in aftercare programs must be ages 5-12.

Application Process

To apply for the grant, students must complete the form by clicking here, log into Etrieve using their SCC username and password, and attach all other required documents. The application is currently open for the next academic year and will close for the fall on July 22nd.  Applications are received on a continuous basis during the school year, and a waiting list is maintained when needed.  Students must reapply each academic year.          

In addition to the application and the DSS application status paperwork, students are also required to submit the following items:

  1. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for upcoming academic year.
  2. Birth Certificates for children listed on application.
  3. If you already have a daycare/aftercare selected, please provide the name, address, phone number, name of director, and tax ID#.

Approval Process

Student applications are reviewed once the initial turn in window is closed.  Students will have from the day the application opens to July 22nd to submit their application for the fall.  Once the application window closes, applications will be reviewed by the coordinator.  Students with the most need will be awarded first.  Need will be based on the FAFSA.  Once all funds are exhausted, the remaining applications will be moved to the waiting list. Funding for the year determines the number of students who will be approved for the academic year. 

Approval is also based on the student’s choice of daycare.  Once approved, the Coordinator contacts the student via telephone, email, or personal contact.

Contact Information

Sarah Barber
Financial Aid Associate- Customer Service
128C Stone Hall
(910) 695-3743