College & Career Readiness

2020 High School Equivalency (HSE) Virtual Graduation Ceremony



We provide educational opportunities at no cost to those who need a high school equivalency diploma or those who need to improve academic skills. Each program is designed to meet unique learning needs. Classes are available during the day and evening hours at several convenient locations in Moore and Hoke counties.

College & Career Readiness Courses

We can help you get ready for college-level math and/or English courses. Develop valuable academic habits, acquire learning strategies, perfect your social skills, and develop the growth mindset necessary to be successful in college classes.
Transitioning to College

Beginning, intermediate and advanced adult learners who want to improve reading, writing, math, spelling, and language skills to fulfill educational and/or vocational goals.
Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Classes to prepare students to take the High School Equivalency (HSE) tests in social studies, science, reading, and math. Classes are suitable for high school graduates who need to brush up on their skills for college entry or employment.
High School Equivalency (HSE)

Non-English speaking residents of Moore and Hoke counties who would like to learn the English language.

English Language Acquisition (ELA)


Orientation is required, and students must complete pre-orientation assessments prior to attending. Orientations are offered in both Moore and Hoke Counties. With a valid score on the assessment, students will be placed in the appropriate level class.

Moore County Orientation Schedule
Hoke County Orientation Schedule

There are 2 ways to schedule your orientation.


2.   CALL 910-695-3980 in Moore County or 910-875-8589 in Hoke County.

All 16- and 17-year-old minors must complete and have notarized a Petition for the Admission of a Minor form and meet with a college official prior to attending orientation. Accompanying the minor must be at least one parent or legal guardian. After downloading the form, obtaining all required signatures, and having it notarized, call Tess Regan at 910.695.3777 to schedule an appointment.

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NEW Continuing Education Advising Center

The Sandhills Community College Continuing Education Advising Team is here for you. In response to the increased need to support individuals impacted by COVID-19, a highly qualified and trained advising team was assembled to assist students in identifying and successfully completing their educational and career training goals. We are here for you during this difficult time because our passion is helping you find a brighter future.

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High School Equivalency (HSE)
Adult High School (AHS)


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Director of College & Career Readiness
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