Originally from Hudson Valley, New York, the US Air Force brought Dan Shea to the area. Two years later, he was wed and settled here after serving his military commitment. Dan has worked for 20… Read more

Most people like knowing what’s in store for them when they arrive at work each day, but not so for Chris Waldrop. “I never have a typical day,” he says. “I never know where I… Read more

As the Director of Auditorium and Audio-Visual Services, Steve Melone provides support for class and conference room audiovisual equipment, oversees the scheduling for the BPAC, and manages the sound and lighting technical operations for the… Read more

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Bill Mangum is returning – at least, his paintings are – to his hometown of Pinehurst. His “North Carolina Beautiful Art Show,” will run Oct. 31-Dec. 21 at the Broadhurst Gallery. He’s one of North… Read more

Brandon Hussey, the college’s Information Technology Analyst, began at the college as a Computer Support Specialist five years ago. He now works the helpdesk, troubleshoots the network, installs and configures hardware and software, and works… Read more

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