Career Training Class Schedule

Whether you need a little byte of knowledge or a terabyte of advanced technology education, we have classes for you in Continuing Education. Course topics range from the most basic information for the absolute beginner to highly technical skills needed in the workplace.

Whatever your stage in computer use, your classmates will be right there with you. Have fun, make new friends and learn how to use computers and computer software.

For additional information, contact Lori Degre at 910-695-3939 or


Certified Ophthalmic Technician’s Exam (COT) Exam Review

This course will review the content areas for taking IJCHAPO’s COT written exam. It will cover the topics listed in IJCHAPS website

Instructor: Alberta Purvis
136 Kennedy Hall
CEU: .12

1305    Jan 27-Mar 2   M         5:30-7:30pm

EKG Technician

Learn the required skills to become a certified EKG Technician and work in a variety of healthcare settings. Topics include cardiac anatomy and physiology, cardiac cycle, EKG strip analysis, 12 lead EKG, and EKG procedures. This class prepares students for the EKG certification with ASPT.

$185 + text
CEU: 9.6

Pinehurst Campus
Instructor: Jade Mashburn
104 Van Dusen Hall

1307    Jan 22-May 13 MW     6-9pm

Sandhills Hoke Center
Instructor: Ann Rowe
109 Johnson Hall

1308    Jan 21-May 7  TTh      6-9pm

Nurse Aide, Level 1

Prepare to work as a Nurse Aide under the supervision of licensed healthcare professionals by performing hands-on patient care. Successful completion prepares students for the State Board examination for NC NA Registry listing. Email for a complete list of program requirements and contact Jenell Powell at 695-3965 for enrollment approval.

$205.50 + course pack
CEU: 20.4

Sandhills Main Campus

Instructors: Marta Kane, Heidi Chalfinch, Patricia Black, and Kerri Black

107 Van Dusen Hall

1309     Jan 13-May 11 MW     4-9:30pm               Lab                    2-4pm             Clinical            3:30-9:30pm

1310    Jan 14-May 12 TTh      8:30am-2pm               Lab                  2-4pm             Clinical            7:30am-1:30pm

1311    Jan 14-May 12 TTh      4-9:30pm                    Lab                  2-4pm             Clinical            3:30-9:30pm

Sandhills Hoke Center

Instructor: Margaret Dousharm

129 Upchurch Hall

1312    Jan 13-May 11 MW     8:30am-2pm               Lab                  2-4pm             Clinical            7:30am-1:30pm

1313    Jan 13-May 12 MT       4-9:30pm                    Lab                  2-4pm             Clinical            3:30-9:30pm

Nurse Aide, Level 1 Refresher

This 40-hour program is for those whose listing has expired on the NC Nurse Aide I Registry. Eligible individuals must have completed a state-approved Nurse Aide I program and have a certificate or transcript supporting completion. It is also for individuals with a state-recognized or military healthcare credential. Please contact Jenell Powell at 695-3965 for enrollment approval.

CEU: 4.0

Pinehurst Campus
Instructor: Jenell Powell
107 Van Dusen Hall

1314    Apr 3-9            F-Th     8:30am-5pm

Sandhills Hoke Campus
Instructor: Carol Mulcahy
129 Upchurch Hall

1315    Feb 20, 21, 27, 28 & Mar 5                             ThF                  8:30 am-5pm

Nurse Aide, Level 2 Competency

This course assesses all NA II skills identified on the NA II Task List. After the Nurse Aide II is determined competent in the required skills, the Nurse Aide II can be placed back on the North Carolina Board of Nursing NA II Registry. Please contact Jenell Powell at 695-3965 for enrollment approval.

Instructor: Jenell Powell
107 Van Dusen Hall
Pinehurst Campus
CEU: 1.8

1316    Apr 15-17        WThF  9am-3:30pm

Medication Administration Aide

Meeting the training requirements for the NC Board of Nursing Medication Aide Certification, this class prepares Nurse Aides to administer medications to skilled nursing facility residents. Course topics include scope of duties, legal and ethical responsibilities, administration of medications by various routes, infection control and documentation including commonly used abbreviations. Please contact Jenell Powell at 695-3965 for enrollment approval.

$75 + text
CEU: 2.4

Pinehurst Campus
Instructor: Jenell Powell
107 Van Dusen Hall

1317    Apr 21-27        TWThM           9am-3:30pm

Sandhills Hoke Center
Instructor: Sharon Parter
129 Upchurch Hall

1318    Feb 6-14          ThF      8am-4:30pm

Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Administrative Assistants are valuable members of the healthcare team handling a broad range of duties, including patient registration, telephone, scheduling, medical records, accounts receivable, data entry, and medical claims. This class prepares you for the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) national certification exam offered by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

$255 + text
CEU: 10.5

Pinehurst Campus
Instructor: Terri Rush
203 Van Dusen Hall

1320    Jan 8-May 13  MW     6-9pm

Sandhills Hoke Center
Instructor: TBD
107 Johnson Hall

1321    Jan 14-May 12 TTh      6-9pm

Pharmacy Technician

Prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam and for entry-level employment. Topics include technical procedures for preparing and dispensing prescriptions, packaging and labeling, controlled substance procedures, inventory control, pharmacy calculations, and over-the-counter drugs. Upon completion, students will be able to perform basic supervised dispensing techniques in a community pharmacy setting.

$185 + texts
CEU: 11.2

Pinehurst Campus
Instructor: Kristin Bickel
211 Van Dusen Hall

1323    Jan 21-May 7  TTh      6-9:30pm

Sandhills Hoke Center
Instructor: Ashley Rivera
108 Johnson Hall

1324    Jan 22-May 13 MW     6-9:30pm

Phlebotomy Technician & Clinical Rotation

Learn the skills necessary to draw blood specimens in various healthcare settings and blood donation centers. Topics include venipuncture, specimen handling, record-keeping, and the healthcare profession. A Work Keys Reading for Information test, drug screening, background check, and current immunizations are required for registration. Email for a complete list of program requirements.

$205.50 + text
CEU: 22.0

Pinehurst Campus
Instructor: Lavita Crichlow
104 Van Dusen Hall

1325    Jan 21-May 12 TTh      6-9:30pm                    Clinical M-F     8am-4:30pm                           1 SA     9am-2pm

Sandhills Hoke Center
Instructor: Rachel Hall, CPT
109 Johnson Hall

1326    Jan 22-May 13 MW     6-9:30 pm                   Clinical M-F     8am-4:30pm                           2 SA     9am-2pm


Auto Safety Inspection

Successful completion certifies students to inspect motor vehicles under the NC Motor Vehicles Safety Inspection Law. The prerequisite for this class is a valid driver’s license.

Instructor: Wes Little
102 Sirotek Hall
CEU: 0.8

1328    Jan 13 & 14     MT       6-10pm

1329    Feb 3 & 4         MT       6-10pm

1330    Mar 2 & 3        MT       6-10pm

1331    Apr 6 & 7         MT       6-10pm

1343    May 11 & 12   MT       6-10pm

OBD Emissions Control Inspection

This class certifies students to inspect motor vehicles under the NC Motor Vehicles OBD Emissions Control Inspection Law. The prerequisite for this class is “Certified Auto Safety Inspection.” This is also the Recertification class.

Instructor: Wes Little
102 Sirotek Hall
CEU: 0.8

1332    Jan 27 & 28     MT       6-10pm

1333    Feb 17 & 18     MT       6-10pm

1334    Mar 23 & 24    MT       6-10pm

1335    Apr 27 & 28     MT       6-10pm

2344    May 18 & 19   MT       6-10pm

Escort Vehicle Operator Certification

This course meets the training requirements set by the NC Department of Transportation to certify oversize-overweight load escort vehicle drivers. Course components consist of defensive driving, escort driver requirements, skills training, and an exam. Students must have a valid driver’s license without restrictions other than use of corrective lens, must not have a DWI or reckless driving within the previous 12 months, and must be 21-years of age (can be 18 with a Class A commercial driver’s license).

All initial applicants must complete a 2- or 4-hour defensive driving course that has been approved by the National Safety Council. (This can be done after this class) Classes can be found at:

Instructor: Wes Little
102 and 209 Van Dusen Hall
CEU: 0.8

1336    Mar 21 S          8am-5pm

1337    Apr 7   T          8am-5pm

Vehicle Dealers’ Continuing Education

Required of all non-franchise vehicle dealers in NC, this course will include updates of NC general statutes and DMV policies and procedures.

CEU: 0.6
102 Van Dusen Hall
Instructor: Wes Little

1338    Mar 19 TH       9am-4pm


Bank Teller Training

Designed for those interested in becoming a bank teller, this course includes an introduction to banking operations, handling cash, balancing operations, customer relations, and security procedures.

Instructor: Jamie Deaton
206 Van Dusen Hall
$130 + text
CEU: 3.6

1340    Mar 17-Apr 23 TTh      6-9pm

F.A.A. Remote Drone Pilot Certification

Prepare for the F.A.A. Part 107 Remote Pilot certification exam. Topics include flight theory, flight operations, flight training, national air space, and weather. This class uses the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote Pilot-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide, North Carolina Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operator Permit Knowledge Test Study Guide, and North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Division of Aviation UAS flight standards best practices. Upon completion, students will be prepared to sit for the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test and NCDOT UAS Operator Permit.

Instructor: Larry Weber
203 Van Dusen Hall
$130 + text
CEU: 2.9


Classroom                   Feb 4-Mar 5                   TTh               6:30-8:30pm
Flying               Feb 22 & 29                    S                   10am-2:30pm

Drone Video and Photography

This in-depth class teaches how students can use their drone for site survey assessment, mission planning, equipment inspection, drone camera configuration setup, and basic editing.

Prerequisite: F.A.A. Remote Drone Pilot Certification
Instructor: Mickey Prosser
105 Van Dusen Hall
CEU: 2.4


Classroom                   Mar 24- Apr 23                          TTh               6:30-8:30pm
Flying               Apr 4 & 18                      S                   10am-2:30pm

Notary Public

A Notary Public is officially authorized to witness signatures on legal documents, collect sworn statements, and administer oaths. Prepare to have proof of a high school diploma or GED and no felony convictions.

Instructor: Ron Utley
$75 + text
CEU: 0.7

Pinehurst Campus
208 Van Dusen Hall

1358    Feb 3 & 5         MW     5:45-9:15pm

1359    Mar 30 & Apr 1           MW     5:45-9:15pm

Sandhills Hoke Center
108 & 102 Johnson Hall

1355    Jan 21 & 23     TTh      5:30-9pm

1356    Mar 3 & 5        TTh      5:30-9pm

1357    May 4 & 5       MT       5:30-9pm


Real Estate Pre-Licensing

This class provides an intensive review of topics and prepares the student for the NC Broker licensing examination. Topics covered include real estate terms, contracts, leases, ownership, licensing law, finance, listing and closing of property, property valuation, and building construction.

Prerequisite: Work Keys Reading and Math, Level 5 or higher or a verification of a post-secondary degree.

Instructor: Allan Nanney, CDPE, GRI, SCP, SFR
202 Van Dusen Hall
CEU: 7.5

1346    Feb 3-Apr 29   MW     6-9pm

Make-up test on May 4.

Real Estate Post-Licensing

Effective July 1, 2020 provisional brokers will be required to complete a 90-hour program within the first 18 months of licensure. North Carolina provisional brokers must complete at least one course annually within three years after initial licensure to remain eligible for active license status. SCC offers all three courses.

Real Estate Post-Licensing 302 Contracts and Closings

Topics in this course include selected basic contract law concepts, real estate sales contract preparation, sales contract procedures, buyer’s due diligence, closing procedures, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, closing disclosure preparation, contracts for deed, options, and selected real estate license status and education issues

Instructor: Allan Nanney, CDPE, GRI, SCP, SFR
209 Van Dusen Hall
$130 + text
CEU: 3.0

1347    Jan 16, 17, 23 & 24                             ThF                  8:30am-5pm

Real Estate Post-Licensing 303 NC Law, Rules and Legal Concepts

Topics in this course include general North Carolina licensing requirements, brokerage compensation issues, the disciplinary process, specialized types of real estate, property management in NC, and miscellaneous NC laws and legal concepts.

Instructor: Allan Nanney, CDPE, GRI, SCP, SFR
209 Van Dusen Hall
$130 + text
CEU: 3.0

1348    Mar 19, 20, 26 & 27    ThF      8:30am-5pm

Real Estate Mandatory Update #9920

All licensed real estate brokers must complete a four-hour mandatory NC Real Estate Commission-approved update course.

Instructor: Allan Nanney, CDPE, GRI, SCP, SFR
103 Van Dusen Hall
Pinehurst Campus
CEU: .4

1349    May 7 Th        8:30am-12:30pm

Real Estate Elective

This course will meet the four-hour continuing education elective set forth by the NC Real Estate Commission.

Instructor: Allan Nanney, CDPE. GRI, SCP, SFR
103 Van Dusen Hall
Pinehurst Campus
CEU: .4

1350    May 7  Th        1:30-5:30pm



Students will learn the basics of bartending as a profession or for leisure in only four Saturdays. Topics include popular mixed drinks, wine, utensils, glassware, fruit cutting, bar procedures, and ABC laws.

Instructor: Tyrone Thomas
Clement Dining Room Dempsey Center
CEU: 2.4

1351    Feb 1, 8, 15 & 22         Sa        9am-3pm

ServSafe® Food Safety and Sanitation

Learn the basics of food handling safety and facility sanitation requirements. Recommended for all food service facilities, including supervisory personnel, culinary professionals, and food service staff.

Instructor: Karen Cusano
201 Van Dusen Hall
$75 + text
CEU: 1.4

1352    Mar 23,24,30 & 31      MT       5:30-9pm


Income Maintenance Caseworker

Explore a variety of skills associated with the Income Maintenance Caseworker role to determine service eligibility. Specific focus includes proficiency in the utilization of the NCFAST application. Other topics are skills in communication, interviewing, time management, data gathering/compiling, and data analysis.

Prerequisite: Intro. to Human Services.
Instructor: Elizabeth Wilkie
108 Logan Hall
CEU: 4.8

1353    Mar 17-May 14           TTh      6-9pm


Construction Project Supervisor

This course provides students with the skills necessary to work as a construction supervisor or job foreman. Management skills in people and problem solving, planning, estimating, safety supervision, scheduling, controlling costs, and resources will be taught. Scholarships are available for this class.

Prerequisite: 2 years previous construction experience.
Instructor: David Clark
207 Van Dusen Hall
$185 + texts
CEU: 9.6

1360    Jan 14-Apr 30  TTh      6-9pm

Forklift Operator

Earn the National Safety Council’s (NSC) lift truck operator certification by successfully completing this class. Topics include the basic design of lift trucks, stabilization of trucks, maintenance, repair costs, and safety aspects in operation.

$75 + text
CEU: 1.1

Pinehurst Campus
102 Van Dusen Hall on Friday
McKean Hall on Saturday

1361    Mar 27 & 28    F          8:30am-4pm
Sa        8am-Noon

Sandhills Hoke Center
102 Johnson Hall

1362    Apr 24 & 25     F          8:30am-4pm
Sa        8am -Noon


Sandhills High Adventure Ropes Course

This ropes course will guide participants through physical and mental challenges that promote creative, productive, and motivated teams. It will challenge participants to succeed in team building, self-motivation, problem-solving, decision-making, and effective communication. A signed waiver, and medical release form are required. Participants must be at least 16-years old (parents can sign for participants under age 18). Contact Sandy Perry at for more information or to schedule a private group adventure.