Career Development Classes

The Career Development Program at Sandhills Community College is a workforce development program providing skills assessment services, employability skills training, and career development counseling to individuals in transition and the emerging workforce. Our goal is to assist students in assessing their interests, personality traits, and abilities, in setting career and/or educational goals, and in creating a pathway leading to economic, social, and educational success. Career Development classes are available to all and may be free for qualified students. Students may also be eligible for a Continuing Education scholarship. Contact Jenny Troyer at (910) 695-3926 or for more information.


Upgrade Your Computer Skills

Hands-on learning based on individual needs whether a beginner or an advanced computer user.
Get assistance with job searches, preparing cover letters, creating a resume or completing an online application.

Page Memorial United Methodist Church
115 W. Main Street, Aberdeen
Instructor: Phil Laton
Call 910.695.3926 for more information and to register.
$75 (waived for qualified students)

Course Code: 3561             Mondays, Nov. 2-Dec. 21                  Noon-2 pm


Revamp Your Career

Offered in partnership with NCWorks Career Center-Moore County.
Match your skills with an existing job or develop a training plan to learn new skills, explore career opportunities, and develop a written plan of action.
Create or update your résumé, customizing it for different jobs.
Learn to sell yourself and stand out from other applicants in an interview.
Learn to deal with the stress of long-term unemployment and how to use your age as an asset in your job search.

Call Pamela Alsobrook at (910) 944-7697 for more information and to register.

Online Class Format
Instructor: Phil Laton
$75 (waived for qualified students)
CEU: .15

Course Code: 1585 Resume Writing
Thursday, Jan. 14 9-11 am

Course Code: 1586 Ace the Job Interview
Thursday, Jan. 28 9-10:30 am

Course Code: 1587 Budgeting 101: Smart Money Decisions
Thursday, Feb. 11 9-10:30 am

Course Code: 1589 Tips for the Mature Job Seekers
Thursday, Mar. 11 9-10:30 am

Course Code: 1590 Resume Writing
Thursday, Mar. 25 9-11 am

Course Code: 1591 Ace the Job Interview
Thursday, Apr. 8 9-10:30 am

Course Code: 1593 Work Behaviors and Attitudes
Thursday, May 6 9-10:30 am

NCWorks Career Center-Moore County

Conference Room
245 Shepherd Trail, Aberdeen
Instructor: Phil Laton
$75 (waived for qualified students)
CEU: .15

Course Code: 3593             Tips for Mature Job Seekers
Wednesday, Dec. 2                            9-10:30 am

Course Code: 3594             Resumes & Cover Letters
Wednesday, Dec. 16                                9-11 am

Working Smart – The Only NC Soft Skill Credential

Instructor: Kathy Kennedy
Pinehurst Campus, 102 Van Dusen Hall
$75 (waived for qualified students)
CEU: 2.4

  • Gain your competitive edge.
  • Learn the secret to unlock workplace communication.
  • Be more effective in the workplace.
  • Get noticed by your employer.
  • Climb the ladder to success.

Course Code: 3553        Mondays-Thursdays, Dec. 7-10               9 am-3 pm

Course Code: 1550        Mondays-Thursdays, Jan. 11-14               9 am-3 pm

Course Code: 1551        Mondays-Thursdays, Mar. 15-18               9 am-3 pm

Course Code: 1553        Mondays-Thursdays, Apr. 19-22               9 am-3 pm