Campus-Wide Printing Procedures

The purpose of this initiative is to:

  • Reduce the costs associated with providing printing capabilities for our students (to provide printing for academic purposes only). Most of the cost of student printing will be offset by the allocation of a portion of technology fees to cover a reasonable amount of academic printing. Any printing above the initial allotment will be paid for with funds added by the student.
  • Promote responsible printing habits and accountability among the student population (get them to think about whether they really need to print something instead of printing out of convenience with no limits and no charge to them).
  • Prevent unauthorized use of our campus printers by anyone who may decide to exploit the vulnerabilities of a campus without a secure and managed printing environment.
  • Continue our “Green Efforts” toward a paperless campus as much as possible.
  • Track all printer usage and data that can be used to produce meaningful reports to help save the college money.

Curriculum Students

PaperCutManaged Print services will be launched campus-wide at the beginning of the Summer semester. 

  • Students are allotted $10 (technology fee funds) toward printing on campus each semester.
  • To print using a campus printer, students will enter their SCC student username and password in the PaperCut login prompt.
  • If the student exhausts their allotment of copies, he/she will have the option of adding money to their account either using a credit card online or through cash kiosks located in Student Services, the Library, and the Hoke Center campus.
  • Black and white copies are $0.05 each and color copies are $0.15 each.
  • Technology fee funds expire at the end of each semester. There will be no refund/carryover of unused technology fee funds.
  • Money added by the student to their printing account will carryover from semester to semester as long as a break in enrollment does not exceed two years.
  • Go to the MySCC page and click on the PaperCut link to add funds using a credit or debit card.  You can also access the link directly by going to
  • The ITS department has placed instructions for students next to the printers in the curriculum labs.

Continuing Education Students

  • The computer labs used by continuing education students are setup with an instructor-managed print release shortcut on the instructor computer.
  • All print jobs submitted by students will be sent to a hold/release queue, and it will be up to the instructor’s discretion whether to release the job after checking the page count and the content of the print job to determine if it is class-related and is being printed the most efficient way.
  • The instructor has the right to cancel any print job submitted that does not meet these guidelines. ITS has emailed instruction sheets to the VP of Continuing Education for coordinators to distribute to their instructors. The instructors in the continuing education labs will inform their students of the printing process in those labs.
  • Printing capabilities are provided for course assignments only. If continuing education students want to print anything that is not required as part of a course, they must go to the Learning Resources Computer Lab in Boyd Library, get the staff to create a PaperCut login for them, and add funds online or at the cash kiosk next to the coin-operated copiers.

Non-SCC Students

  • Students from other educational institutions should go to the LRCL (Learning Resources Computer Lab) in the Boyd Library and request a PaperCut login to use for printing. That login will only be used to print in the LRCL.
  • Judy Hines, Computer Lab Supervisor, maintains a log of external users for tracking purposes. These accounts will not receive the same allotment as curriculum students, but the student can add funds online or through the cash kiosks. Only black and white printing access will be provided at $0.05 a page after the PaperCut account has been created and funds have been added by the user.

Community Patrons

  • Community patrons are only allowed to use the “public access computers” near the library circulation desk. Print jobs from these computers are sent to a hold/release queue that is managed by the circulation desk personnel. When jobs arrive in the queue the person behind the circulation counter checks the page count and informs the user of how many pages have been submitted and how much the print job will cost.
  • The library policy currently allows the first 10 pages per visit to be printed free of charge, as a service to the community. Any pages over 10 will be charged at $0.10 per page. The patron is given the opportunity to have the print job cancelled if they do not want to pay the fee.


The ITS (Information Technology Services) Department along with a cross-section of instructors, staff,  and students from all over campus have conducted several pilot programs to test the system and tweak the process over the past year and a half, and we feel confident that this transition will be as smooth as possible.