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Each year Sandhills Community College recognizes students who have distinguished themselves in their area of studies. The Awards Ceremony was held in Owens Auditorium on Wednesday, April 18.

Department Chairs and Coordinators presented the awards and paid tribute to the recipients.

The award and recipients were: John and Grace Hoad Award: Bret Allen Standley, John and Grace Hoad Award: Caleb Allan Watson, C.A.L.M.S. Humanities Award: Corey McCrimmon, Lydia Spitler English 111 Award: Cody Thompson, Thomas Andrew Coffey Spanish 112 Award: Hailey Sales, John R. Hatcher Foreign Language Award: Laura Chappell, and Rose K. Anderson Library Award: Anna Krulder.

Anatomy & Physiology Award (One Semester): April Stout, Anatomy & Physiology Award (Two Semesters): Lindsay Marsh, General Biology Award: Cheyenne Brown, Avery Dennis General Chemistry: Stephen Slavich, Jonathan Willis Malcolm Organic Chemistry: David Ward, College Physics Award: Gavin Reid, General Physics Award: Justin Heston, Mathematics Award: Shauntre Lilley, and Mathematics Improvement Award: Tom Nguyen.

Teresa Hall Memorial Award: Jamie Jones, Gordon & Dorothy Hill Memorial Award: Maria Morales, Nola Arden Manning Memorial Early Childhood Education: Tina Harris, Casilear Middleton Award: Jessica Paige Harris, Tom Williams Award: Aileen Ramos-Colon, Social & Behavioral Science B-Squared Award: Donovan Jackson, Patricia Robinson Memorial Art Award: Dominik Sanders, and Sandhills Photography Club Award: Miranda Glyder.

Music Faculty Award: Harrison Barber, Friends of Music Award: Josef Francis, Frances Price Wilson Excellence in Music Awards: Cayleigh Mclendon , Frances Price Wilson Excellence in Music Awards: Kellan Adams, Medical Lab Technology Award (1st Year Student): Cassandra Marie Guzman , Medical Lab Technology Award Graduating Student: Leigh Metcalf, Wall & Brown Respiratory Award: Jessica Broady, Bill Byrtus Outstanding Respiratory Therapy Award: Kathleen Goodman, and Michael D. Emery Student Excellence in Radiography: Kandace Grace Needham.

Department of Radiography Clinical Award: Kristina Chappell, Health & Fitness Science Faculty Award: Kathleen Davis, Floyd McDonald MSACE: Zyann Monet Harvin, John C. & Hanni Schulz – Automotive Body Repair Award: Kalon Green, John C. & Hanni Schulz – Automotive Mechanics Award: Calvin Austin , Julie Wilkins Batchelor Award for Civil Engineering: Nathan Spencer, John G. O’Brien Engineering Technology Award: Josh May, and Reynold S. Davenport Civil Engineering Technology Award: Aubrey Lee Burr.

Sustainable Research and Design Project Award : Susan Baldelli, James M. and Helen C. Smith Memorial Award: Megan Smithey , James M. and Helen C. Smith Memorial Award: Prisca Bello Subdiaz, Gary Thompson Surveying Technology Award: Joshua McElroy, Digital Media Technology Award (1st Year): Megan Woods, Digital Media Technology Award (1st Year): Kyle N. Tallant, Computer Programming Award: Jackson S. Taylor, and Carl and Nora Sutton Memorial Award: David Swartz.

Southern Software Computer Programming Award: Tyler J. Meneghini, Computer Engineering Technology Award (1st Year): Blake Daugherty, Computer Engineering Technology Award (2nd Year): Catherine Cheatle, Caddell Family Computer Engineering Technology Award: Christopher Smith, Melissa Wilkins Richardson Pastry & Baking Arts Award: Mary Katherine Leaf, Culinary Faculty Award: Tierra Locklear, and Charles “Chuck” Gilmer Priest Jr. Memorial Culinary Award: Josh Mugglin.

Frank E. Spitler, Sr. Accounting Award : Sally Sher, Stanley J. Bradshaw Business Excellence Award: Nina Lambert, Business Faculty Award: Estrella Munoz, R.P. Beasley Award: Kristen Steingraber, Gilbert Morland Scholarship: Maria Morales, Armed Services Academic Excellence Award: Dale Shortt, Professional Women’s Network Award: Clara Bell Brown, and H. Clifton Blue Award/NCCCS Academic Excellence Award: Jeremy Luke Thompson.

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