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Sandhills Community College alumnus Jake Parsons is taking off towards success. He was looking for a place to get an aviation degree that would “propel” him toward a bachelor’s, but after learning the sky-high costs of four-year schools, he found a way to throttle that down. (All puns intended.)

After becoming aware of the exceptional aviation program at Sandhills Community College, Jake knew it was the place to begin his career.

Jake understands that education isn’t just about books and papers — personal relationships are important. He speaks highly of the faculty and staff at SCC. “Keith Davies is the single biggest influence on my future when it comes to Sandhills Community College,” Jake said. “He was a fantastic academic advisor, teacher of almost 75% of my classes, and mentor to kickstart my career.”

After graduation in 2021, Jake transferred to Liberty University for a Bachelor of Science in Aviation. Not only did Sandhills give him a head start on his degree, but Jake also began training with Republic Airways. He has also earned a multi-engine commercial certificate.

Less than a month away from graduating from Liberty, Jake has two job offers from regional airlines. As his career accelerates, he hopes to start working for a major airline within the next four years.

Reflecting on his time at Sandhills, Jake says, “The faculty and staff in the aviation program, plus my fellow students were all fantastic people.” His final piece of advice is, “Listen to Mr. Davies. Most of the time, he is right! Study hard and don’t fall behind in class, and always be willing to ask for help.”

We look forward to seeing where Jake lands next!

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