Student Responsibilities

In order for us to help you meet your educational goals and help you move toward success as a student at Sandhills Community College, there are a few steps you must complete in order to receive disability services.


If you have a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, you may decide to initiate contact with our Disability Services Office and submit current disability documentation to request services from the college. We will review your documentation to determine if you are eligible for services.

You are the one who must initiate contact with the correct personnel at the college and make your disability known. By law, we cannot ask about disabling conditions.

You must request accommodations each semester.

Requests should be made as soon as possible in order to give us ample time to arrange for accommodations. Some situations require more time than others.

Accommodations are designed to make learning possible and the evaluation process fair, but accommodations do not guarantee success nor alter published course standards.

Documentation of Disability

You must provide evidence of how your disability impacts participation in classes and other college programs in order to qualify for reasonable accommodations.

While IEPs and 504 Plans offer historical evidence of services and accommodations, they are generally NOT considered sufficient to make a student eligible for services.

To qualify for disability services, you must present documentation from a licensed, clinical professional. The disability documentation must address your current level of functioning.

A diagnostic report, written by a qualified professional with appropriate licensure or certification who has comprehensive training and relevant expertise in the specialty area is required. This professional cannot be related to you.

We do not provide diagnostic services. If you do not have documentation or if it is incomplete or insufficient, you should contact your medical professional for a referral to a qualified, licensed diagnostician.

We do not make referrals; however, we recommend you contact your medical professional, who may be able to provide an evaluation to determine if a disability is present and its impact on the learning environment. Cost for services vary and will be determined by the diagnostician.

While appropriate documentation is an essential piece of the process, accommodations will be provided only if the accommodation is directly related to the disability.

General Documentation Standards

Documentation Requirements by Disability Area


Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Learning Disabilities



Visual Impairment

Accommodation Interview

We will determine if an accommodation is reasonable by verifying that the documentation supports the identified disability and that the modification does not fundamentally alter the course or program.

Once eligibility is established, you will meet with our coordinator to discuss diagnostic documentation, disability impact, and appropriate accommodations.

You will be contacted to schedule an interview with our office. At the interview, we can discuss accommodations available to support your educational goals.

You must meet with the coordinator and sign the Service Contract in order to be allowed to use disability accommodations. Reasonable time must be allowed for us to determine appropriate accommodations and implement services.