Cosmetology Special Requirements for Admission, Technical Standards of Programs


Course Requirements

The technical standards as stated here reflect performance abilities that are necessary for a student to successfully complete the requirements of the Cosmetology curriculum.  It should be noted that under the American Disabilities Act “A qualified person with a disability is one who can perform the essential function of a job with or without reasonable accommodation.”

Standard Examples of Necessary Behaviors (not all inclusive)
Interpersonal abilities sufficient to interact with individuals from a variety of social, emotional, cultural and intellectual backgrounds. Establish rapport with clients, colleagues, members of the business community and other salon professionals.  Demonstrate patience and empathy with clients.  Demonstrate delivery of required salon services with a variety of individuals.
Communication abilities sufficient for interaction with others in verbal and written form. Collect assessment data.  Explain salon services and procedures. Read instructions accurately.  Document and interpret salon services developed, prescribed and performed.
Critical thinking ability sufficient for clinical judgment. Identify cause and effect relationship in clinical situations.  Assimilate knowledge from lecture, laboratory and clinical areas.  Retain factual information and use it appropriately.  Develop professional suggestions for salon services and treatment plans.
Physical abilities sufficient to move around the simulated salon setting and treatment areas and use laboratory equipment. Move around clinical space and equipment.  Stretch, bend, stand and elevate arms for a long period of time. Be free of any medical disorders which could inhibit work.
Physical health sufficient to perform and receive salon services. Have stamina to stand and ambulate around the simulated salon environment for long periods of time.  Be free of disabling or contagious disease.  (This is a NC State Law.)
Gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to provide safe and effective salon services Use equipment appropriately.  Use thermal treatment applications.  Assist clients with transfer and movement into shampoo chairs.  Drape appropriately.  Promote sanitation and safety.
Auditory and visual abilities sufficient for following instructions and directions and assessment of services needed for clients in a simulated salon. Observe and listen to client in the consultation phase.  Observe and respond to client during salon service phase.  Educate client post-service phase.
Skills necessary to complete cosmetology procedures in a timely manner. Perform procedures taught and required by the NC State Board in a timely manner.  Example: Perform a basic 90 degree haircut in 30 minutes.
Critical thinking ability sufficient for professional judgment. Adhere to personal and professional ethics.  Adhere to NC State Board of Cosmetology rules and laws.  Adhere to professional standards of the salon industry.

If a Cosmetology student believes that he or she cannot meet one or more of the standards without accommodations or modifications, the college must determine, on an individual basis, whether or not the necessary accommodations or modifications can be made reasonably.