Computer Technologies


We have seven exciting Information Technology and Computer Engineering Technology programs that provide a world of opportunities for our graduates. Use the links below to learn more about our 2-year AAS degrees, and shorter duration certificates.


Our Programs

Information Technology Programs

We offer three different 2-year Associate in Applied Science (AAS) specialty tracks under our IT program, and six certificates, they include…


Computer Engineering Technology Programs

We offer four different 2-year Associate in Applied Science (AAS) specialty tracks under our Computer Engineering Technology program, and five certificates, they include…


Employment Prospects

Today’s businesses are looking for employees who understand how to use computers to provide practical solutions that increase productivity, cut costs, better serve customers, and increase profit.

Experts agree that a solid education is the best way to keep up with the newest trends and to maintain a competitive edge in the computer fields. Today’s graduates must possess that most current education in computer technologies in order to complete in the global workplace.

Whether you are a computer geek or a complete beginner, the computer technologies programs at Sandhills Community College will prepare you for a rewarding career in a field where jobs await.


Co-Op Work Experience

We offer a co-op program that provides second-year students with real world skills that prospective employers are seeking. Every effort is made to place the student in a co-op work experience that is tailored to their skills, needs and preferences. Even though it is not guaranteed nor expected, many co-ops lead to permanent employment.


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