Professional Pilot – Instrument Pilot Certificate Degree Course Requirements, 2022

  Course Hours Per Week
FIRST SEMESTER (Spring)      
AER-111 Aviation Meteorology 3 0 3
AER-112 Aviation Laws and FARs 2 0 2
AER-151 Flight-Private Pilot 0 3 1
AER-160 Instrument Flight Theory 2 2 3
    7 5 9
AER-115 Flight Simulator 0 2 1
AER-161 Flight-Instrument Pilot*^ 0 6 2
AER-215 Flight Safety 3 0 3
    3 8 6
Total Required Minimum Semester Hours Credit 15

*The Instrument Pilot Certificate program will provide the student with the opportunity to qualify for a FAA Instrument Pilot Rating. The student must complete their Private Pilot Certificate and receive credit for AER-151 prior to entering the instrument flight training portion of the certificate program. SCC does not offer the flight training for the Private Pilot certificate. Students must go to a FAA approved flight training school and qualify under FAR Part 61 or Part 141 to receive their FAA Private Pilot Certificate.

^The flight portion of AER-161 is not offered on campus, however, there is an Advanced Aviation Training Device that the student can train in AER-115 and credit up to 20 instrument flight hours toward their instrument rating. The flight portion of the Instrument Rating must be taken at a Part 61 or Part 141 flight school and the student must receive their FAA Instrument Rating through the flight training and FAA testing and evaluation process.