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Academic Awards at SCC

Each year Sandhills Community College recognizes students who have distinguished themselves in their area of studies. The Awards Ceremony was held in Owens Auditorium on Wednesday, April 12.
Department Chairs and Coordinators presented the awards and paid tribute to the recipients. Many of those receiving awards are veterans of the US Armed Forces.
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John and Grace Hoad Award Emma Getz
John and Grace Hoad Award Richard Fritz
C.A.L.M.S. Humanities Award Lauren Norman
Lydia Spitler English 111 Award Charles Johnson
Thomas Andrew Coffey Spanish Award Ariel Wilson
John R. Hatcher Foreign Language Award Casey E. Rabstejnek
Rose K. Anderson Library Award Tanayah Cherry
Anatomy & Physiology Award (1  semester) Taylor Honeycutt
Anatomy & Physiology Award (2 Semesters) Catherine Degraeve
General Biology Award Zachary Rhyner
Avery Dennis General Chemistry Jorge Martin Fernandez
Jonathan Willis Malcolm Organic Chemistry Barry Wallace
College Physics Award Barry Wallace
General Physics Award Joshua Logan Davis
Mathematics Award Barry Wallace
Mathematics Improvement Award Symone Smith
Gordon & Dorothy Hill Memorial Award Julia M. Harper
Nola Arden Manning Memorial Early Childhood Education Laura Snyder
Casilear Middleton Award Lisa Peavy
Tom Williams Award Andrea Keen
Social & Behavioral Science B-Squared Award, The Dept. of Robert V. Brady
Patricia Robinson Memorial Art Award Danielle D. Hardy
Sandhills Photography Club Hannah Durrell
Music Faculty Award Cayleigh McClendon
Friends of Music Award Kellan Adams
Frances Price Wilson Excellence in Music Nicholas Perakis
Medical Lab Technology (1st Year) Stacey M. Harvey
Medical Laboratory Technology Graduating Student Shannon D. Noce
Wall & Brown Respiratory Award Juan Carlos Lopez-Jimenez
Bill Byrtus Outstanding Respiratory Therapy Award Jada Privitt
Michael D. Emery Student Excellence in Radiography Kathryn Rachel  Allen
Michael D. Emery Student Excellence in Radiography Robert Newton Page
Department of Radiography Clinical Award Holly Green
Department of Radiography Clinical Award Trad Lamonds
Health & Fitness Science Faculty Award Ashley Nisbet
Floyd McDonald MSACE Dyamond Samone Jones
John C. & Hanni Schulz – Automotive Mechanics Justin David Whitesell
John C. & Hanni Schulz – Automotive Body Repair Kenneth Wortham
Darwin Maness Memorial Auto Body Award Donovan Hines
Julie Wilkins Batchelor Award for Civil Engineering Taylor Lester
John G. O’Brien Engineering Technology Award Trent Black
Reynold S. Davenport Civil Engineering Technology Award Nathan D. Spencer
Sustainable Research and Design  Project Award Melissa Rocio Alvarado
James M. and Helen C. Smith Memorial Award James Ethan Horne
James M. and Helen C. Smith Memorial Award Christopher Robinson
Gary Thompson Surveying Technology Award Bryan Christopher Stone
Digital Media Technology Award (2nd Year) Debra McCormick Smith
Computer Engineering  Award Andrew Thompson
Caddell Family Computer Engineering Tech Award John Gomiller
Computer Programming Award Tyler Joseph Meneghini
Carl and Nora Sutton Memorial Award Diontay D. Isaac
Network Technologies Award William T. Ryder
Southern Software Computer Programming Award Jarred Lee Parsons
Melissa Wilkins Richardson Pastry & Baking Arts Award Misty Hennig
The Culinary Faculty Award Shannon Russell
The Charles “Chuck” Gilmer Priest Jr. Memorial Culinary Award Jason Matthews
Frank E. Spitler, Sr. Accounting Award Bradley Graham
Stanley J. Bradshaw Business Excellence Award Allison Elliott
Business Faculty Award Prisca Bello Subdiaz
SCC Work Study Student of the Year Award Jacob Marley
Armed Services Academic Excellence Award Monica Midgette
Professional Women’s Network Award Angela Sadler
H. Clifton Blue Award/NCCCS Academic Excellence Award Zachary Rhyner


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