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When Dedication and Perseverance Pay Off

Struggling to make ends meet for too many years, at 53 Pam Farmer decided it was time to make a change. With a modest goal in mind, she wanted to see life with a livable wage, one where she was less dependent on public assistance.

Pam began looking into the Continuing Education Pharmacy Technician class at Sandhills Community College. The realization that the textbook cost was going to be out of reach did not discourage her. With the help of Maria Campbell, the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) Education Navigator at Sandhills, Pam was able to obtain assistance through a Continuing Education scholarship that allowed her to purchase the book.

Pam had to ask for rides to class because she had no money for repairs to her vehicle. Upon learning about her transportation issues, Maria was able to direct her to assistance available to students.

Pam’s dedication and perseverance was an example to many. With her upbeat personality and energy, she never complained or lost sight of her goal. Even through hardships, she did not miss a day of class, completed all of her assignments, didn’t miss any of her appointments, and never lost her smile or will to succeed.

Pam completed the Pharmacy Technician class in December. She has also enrolled in Working Smart, a class to help solidify soft skills. She hopes to continue her education and ultimately pursue and complete an associate degree.

Going further than a typical student, Pam has scheduled speaking engagements with the college’s High School Equivalency students. She hopes to encourage and remind them that they are capable of achieving successes through hard work and dedication.

Pam looks forward to a bright future with the completion of many more goals despite whatever hardships and obstacles come her way.

Her daughter has been her encourager.” She inspires me to keep going even when I feel like giving up,” she said.

The Food & Nutrition Services Employment and Training Program

The Food & Nutrition Services Employment and Training Program, of which Maria Campbell is the Education Navigator, is a local partnership between the college, NCWorks Career Center, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Social Services, and the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act. The initiative aims to help citizens prepare for and retain jobs, receive the education needed, and receive work guidance. They help individuals enroll in programs, register with and maintain contact with a Navigator, complete assessments, and explore career and educational pathways.

The voluntary participation program provides short-term training, advising and employment and training activities.

To learn more about the program, Campbell can be reached at (910) 695-3917 or



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