5.7 Employment Categories

Board of Trustee Approval: October 1, 2012

As permitted by NCGS Section 115D-20(2), the Board of Trustees hereby delegates the authority for employing all personnel other than the President of the College to the President.  The employment authority granted to the President also includes lateral transfers, promotions, non-renewals, terminations, and other changes in employment status.

Faculty members at Sandhills Community College are full or adjunct employees whose duties and responsibilities are primarily (greater than fifty percent) teaching. Sandhills Community College is committed to establishing a culture that encourages student learning and effective teaching, including, but not limited to, academic freedom, confidence in the professionalism of its faculty, and recognition that effective teaching may come in a wide variety of styles, from the traditional to the innovative. Closely related to teaching and an integral part of a faculty member’s responsibility are academic advising, curriculum development, and professional development.  The College will establish procedures that ensure the recruitment and employment of the highest quality faculty members.

Sandhills Community College will establish procedures to recruit and employ staff members of the highest quality.  Staff members, including the administration, provide essential support to the mission of the College.