5.4.2 Formal Resignation

Revised: October 1, 2012

The College requires a minimum of thirty (30) days written notice from any employee of the employee’s intent to terminate the contractual agreement of employment with the College. This procedure excludes from the thirty-day (30) requirement separations due to death, disability, and/or illness.

Faculty members may resign during the terms of their contractual agreement with the College only when accepted or agreed to by the President of the College.   The decision to release a faculty member from a contract shall be made only upon the President’s finding that an exceptional and extraordinary circumstance has occurred which warrants such action.

Resignation during the term of a contract may require that all sums which may be due and payable arising out of the employment relationship shall be due the College at time of resignation, discharge, retirement, etc. or as otherwise applicable. (See also the Employee Checkout Procedure.)

The President or designee may terminate a contract if in the party’s sole discretion, sufficient funds are not available for the position, whether the position is supported with State, Federal, local, or institutional funds or if student enrollment is not sufficient to warrant the position.

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