5.23 Personnel Records

Board of Trustees Approval: October 1, 2018
Such personnel records as are necessary for the proper administration of the personnel system shall be maintained.
Article 7, G.S. 126, prescribes the basic provision for maintenance and use of State employee personnel records, with the State Personnel Commission establishing rules and regulations for the safekeeping of such records.
These provisions apply to:
  • State employees,
  • former State employees, and
  • applicants for employment.
Definition of Personnel Files
For purposes of this policy, a personnel file consists of any employment-related or personal information gathered by the agency, the Retirement Systems Division of the Department of State Treasurer, or by the Office of State Personnel.
Employment-related information includes information related to an individual’s:
  • application;
  • selection;
  • promotion, demotion, transfer;
  • salary and leave;
  • contract for employment,
  • benefits,
  • performance evaluation; and
  • suspension, disciplinary actions, and termination.
Personal information includes an individual’s:
  • home address,
  • social security number,
  • medical history,
  • personal financial data,
  • marital status, dependents and
  • beneficiaries.