5.2.1 Fair Hiring

5.2.1 Fair Hiring

Revised: November 18, 2021

The intent of the Fair Hiring Procedure is to provide a process that is consistent, timely, and efficient. There is open communication with the Office of Human Resources throughout the hiring process. In keeping with the Fair Hiring Policy, the College is committed to implementing a search procedure that seeks to find qualified members of diverse populations to fill openings when they become available.

When there is an approved  personnel need at the College, the unit supervisor will meet with a Human Resource representative to review the job description, hiring procedure and create an online requisition that is forwarded for approval to the Dean, then to the area Vice President or Chief Operating Officer as appropriate. The requisition will include a proposed salary range, minimum credentials, guidelines for advertising, and a requested fill date. Upon proper approval, the following steps will be taken to fill the position:*

  1. The supervisor will select a diverse interview committee. In most cases, the supervisor will chair the interview committee. The committee chair will forward the names of the interview committee to Human Resources for approval.  The Dean of Instruction or designee must be included on all faculty hiring committees.
  2. The Department of Human Resources will assist the interview team in prioritizing job qualifications, reviewing effective interview guidelines, and generally overseeing the selection and interview process.
  3. Advertising will be the responsibility of the Human Resources Department who will follow the College’s Fair Hiring Policy.
  4. Applications will be made through the online application system available on the College website. Upon the successful submission of an online application, the system will send a confirmation email to the applicant.
  5. The Human Resources representative will review candidates to determine if they meet the minimum qualifications as advertised. The Human Resources representative will then notify the committee chair of the availability of the online applicant pool and will send the committee chair the interview committee documents. The chair will then provide access to the members of the committee so that they may also review the candidates. The Human Resources representative will meet with the committee to review the hiring procedures. The committee will suggest at least three to five candidates for interviews, subject to the approval of the Human Resources Department, who will have the option of including one or two more interview candidates. No candidates will be invited for interviews until this approval is received.
  6. Candidates for interviews will provide the Office of Human Resources with email addresses for five references, two of whom must be prior supervisors, for a pre-interview reference survey.
  7. The candidates will be invited for interviews by the committee chair who will schedule and arrange all conferences, lectures or skills demonstrations, and meetings in the interview process.
  8. With a faculty hire recommendation, the committee makes the recommendation to the Dean of Instruction, via memorandum of recommendation of the committee’s recommendation of at least two finalists for consideration for employment. The Dean then forwards the recommendation to the Sr. Vice President of Academic Affairs. With a staff hire recommendation, the committee chair will communicate to the Chief Operating Officer or area Vice President as appropriate—via memorandum of recommendation—the committee’s recommendation of at least two finalists for consideration for employment.
  9. The Human Resources Department must validate recommended candidates with respect to all provisions of the Fair Hiring Policy and Fair Hiring Procedures prior to a final employment decision.
  10. The area Vice President or Chief Operating Officer will communicate employment recommendations to the President.
  11. The President, or his designee, will meet all recommended candidates before an offer of employment is tendered.
  12. Final approval of employment and salary will be made by the President; however, the President reserves the right to accept or decline the recommendation.
  13. The hiring manager or the area Vice President will make the offer to the approved candidate.
  14. Contracts will be prepared by the Office of Human Resources or the Director of Curriculum Operations and approved by the President. The Office of Human Resources will conduct background checks and verify transcripts.
  15. Interview candidates not selected for the position will be notified by phone or in person by the hiring manager.
  16. Letters of notification to all applicants not selected for an interview will be the responsibility of the Office of Human Resources at the conclusion of the process.

* In some cases, to expedite the hiring process, the area Vice President or the Chief Operating Officer may request that the President make a discretionary decision.