4.10.1 Addressing Issues

Revised: October 1, 2012; October 1, 2016

The Admissions Office and the Office of Records and Registration will develop and maintain permanent records for each curriculum student who enrolls in the College. This record will include name, address, Social Security number (to be protected information as denoted earlier in this manual), date of birth, sex, and major. The academic portion of the record will include courses taken, grades, hours attempted, hours earned, quality points, quality point averages, courses and credits transferred (if applicable), academic probation or suspension, notation and degrees, diplomas or certificates earned. A transcript(s) of the official academic record may be released or obtained by the student upon written request to the Office of Records and Registration. An official transcript will not be released unless all tuition, fees and other obligations due the College have been satisfied.

When a student has concerns about issues of privacy, the student will express those concerns in writing to the Vice President of Student Services.

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