3.7.1 Program of Study Change

Revised: October 1, 2012

Changes that may be implemented at the local level will be proposed in writing to the Dean of Instruction by the Program Coordinator and approved by the Department Chair. The written proposal should contain the educational rationale for the change, as well as supporting data and the source of the information that necessitated the change. The Dean of Instruction will review the proposal for validity and will share qualified proposals with the Dean of Planning and Research and the Vice President of Academic Affairs to determine whether the change is substantive in nature and requires notification of external stakeholders such as state or federal departments and regional or program accreditors.  When appropriate, the Dean of Instruction will share the proposal with all department chairs via the Dean/Department Chair Council and the President of the Faculty Assembly, who will be provided with the opportunity to discuss the proposal with their constituents.

After receiving comments from the chairs and Faculty Assembly President, the Dean of Instruction will provide a recommendation to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and will provide a copy to the SACSCOC Liaison. Upon approval, the proposed change will be implemented.

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