3.6 Live Projects

Board of Trustee Approval: March 17, 2008
Revised: October 1, 2012. October 1, 2018

Live Projects are defined as (1) education programs in which students, as part of their education experience, repair or remodel equipment not owned by the College; or (2) education programs that produce goods that are sold or services for which charges are made, such goods or services being the normal or necessary product of learning activities of students.

All Live Project fees are determined to be specific fees. They are to be charged, collected, and retained locally in an institutional fund in the Business Office.  The local Board of Trustees is to report the fees annually to the State Board.  The specific fees should be used for the purpose for which they are charged and collected, including consumables expended in the instructional process (tools, uniforms, shop & lab supplies, insurance, etc.). The receipts that are collected from these fees shall not be used to hire support positions or to purchase equipment except when the position or equipment is needed to directly support the live project activity.