3.1 Faculty Mission and Philosophy

Board of Trustee Approval: August 6, 2007
Revised: October 1, 2012

The mission of the faculty at Sandhills Community College is to promote student learning. In the fall of 2000, the Faculty Assembly approved a faculty mission and philosophy statement that set forth the focus, themes, and principles of our faculty.

The focus of the faculty of Sandhills Community College is on student learning through knowledge, skills, and motivation. The College faculty believe that for learning to be effective in developing contributing members of society, students must progress in three areas: knowledge, skills, and motivation.
Educational activities should enhance each of these three areas.

The faculty highly value two themes of the profession: collegiality and scholarship. Faculty members should work collegially with others at the college to promote a positive learning environment. They should actively pursue scholarship by keeping up with advances in their disciplines as well as innovative practices that improve teaching and learning.

Sandhills Community College recognizes that scholarship is an important aspect of the faculty mission. Participation in formal research activity, however, is not a contractual expectation for faculty members.