Month: May 2021

There’s a plethora of classes for those looking to their chances of landing a job or better their career performance this summer. Through the Continuing Education Career Development division, Sandhills Community College offers classes to… Read more

Sandhills Community College’s Continuing Education Ed2Go programs make it easy to take affordable, high-quality, instructor-led courses online, all from the comfort and safety of your own home. Participants can enroll for the love of learning… Read more

Providing emergency care is of utmost importance in a society, whether the one responding be an average citizen or a highly trained professional. Several classes are beginning this summer in Sandhills Community College Continuing Education’s… Read more

As summer comes into full bloom, so do new opportunities. For those currently unemployed, the Career Training division of Continuing Education at Sandhills Community College can help individuals quickly train for a job. This summer,… Read more

If terms like gear drives, hydraulics, and pneumatics pique your interest, then you’ll want to look into the two Mechanical Power Transmission classes to be taught this summer at the Hoke Center. These classes require… Read more