Month: June 2019

If you know where Dum-Dum® lollipops and the Etch A Sketch® originate, you know Scott Robinson’s home town. Following his parents south over twenty-five years ago, Scott was first introduced to Sandhills when he took… Read more

The Advanced Manufacturing program at Sandhills Community College offers high-tech, in-demand career training through state-of-the-art equipment designed to meet the growing demand for skilled workers. Through partnerships with local employers, this program aligns class offerings… Read more

As with many native southern NC belles, Taylor McCaskill’s manner of speaking is often mistaken for a Texas accent. However, she is from Warsaw, NC. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from… Read more

A fondness for the area after visiting family living here is what brought Jenny Troyer all the way from Sugarcreek, Ohio, 30 years ago. She earned her bachelor’s degree from St. Andrews University and received… Read more