Distance Learning Orientation Schedule

Spring 2014 Orientation

Online classes will not be available until the first day of the semester January 13, 2014.


Your online courses at Sandhills Community College have an orientation assignment and login requirement.   You must login to your course the first day of classes and complete the required assignments to demonstrate that you are actively participating in the course.

Each instructor is required to report to the Office of Records and Registration and to Financial Aid any student that is not participating in a course by the 10% date. Participation is not just logging in to the course. You must complete the specific assignments as directed by your instructor, such as the orientation assignment, to be counted as officially enrolled.

If you do not complete such an assignment, you will be reported as Never Attended to the Office of Records and Registration and to the Financial Aid office and you will be dropped from the course.

Some courses also have additional specific requirements that are listed below:

On Campus Requirements
Other Special Course Requirements

ALL online

ALL online
  Students must login to the Moodle course on the first day of classes, follow the instructions posted on the 'Announcements Forum' and complete their orientation/icebreaker by the specified deadline in order to remain in the course.
AUT 110 N01 Orientation on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM in Room 103, Sirotek Hall. Choose WHICHEVER session you wish to attend. Students can contact the instructor via email prior to orientation at blackj@sandhills.edu.
BIO 110 N01 Students will be required to come to the SCC campus to pick up lab kits during the first week of class; time and date TBA.  
BIO 140 N01-N02 Students may come to campus to pick up lab kits (or purchase the items).  
BIO 275 H01-H02-HE1   Students must log on to the Moodle portion of the course by the end of the first day of classes.
BUS 121 N01   Students must purchase a new textbook as used textbooks are missing required pages and will not come with the access code.
BUS 238 N01   Students will be required to purchase an on-line simulation code. Instructions will be provided on the first day of classes via e-mail.
MAT 140 N01-N02 This course will use a computer website. Access may be purchased from the bookstore or at pearsonmylabandmastering.com. The purchase of a text book is optional.  
NOS 110 N01   Students must have access to Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise


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