President’s 1963 Circle

The Presidents 1963 Circle celebrates the year of the colleges founding.‚  But it does much more than that.  It supports two of the fundamental values of Sandhills Community College” Excellence in the programs Sandhills provides AND Opportunity for all students, regardless of their ability of pay for a college education.

The Presidents 1963 Circle provides funds for faculty teaching, facilities improvement and the purchase of instructional equipment for classrooms and laboratories.‚  It also supports opportunity for students facing financial challenges through the Guarantors Program.‚  Your support can help to ensure that the programs Sandhills offers to students will be the finest educational experience the college can provide and that they will be available to all students who are willing to do the work.

We hope you will consider becoming a Presidents 1963 Circle member. An investment in Sandhills as a member of the Presidents 1963 Circle is one of the best ways to support the future of our young people and of our community.

Please note that Presidents 1963 Circle members are also members of the SCC Guarantors for the year in which the gift is made.

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