Geomatics Technology

(Formerly Surveying Technology)

The Surveying Technology Curriculum provides training for technicians in the many areas of surveying. Surveyors are involved in land surveying, route surveying, construction surveying, photogrammetry, mapping, global positioning systems, geographical information systems, and other areas of property description and measurements.

Course work includes the communication and computational
skills required for boundary, construction, route, and control surveying, photogrammetry, topography, drainage, surveying law, and subdivision design, with emphasis upon applications
of electronic data collection and related software including CAD.

Graduates should qualify for jobs as survey party chief, instrument person, surveying technician, highway surveyor, mapper, GPS technician, and CAD operator. Graduates will be prepared to pursue the requirements necessary to become a Professional Land Surveyor in North Carolina.

Because the use of computers is integral to this curriculum, some courses are delivered in an online format.

Transfer Arrangements

As technologies become more complex, opportunities will be best for surveyors, cartographers, and photogrammetrists who have a bachelor’s degree and strong technical skills. Graduates may transfer into the Bachelor of Science in Geomatics program at NC A&T University.

NC A&T Geomatics

Contact Information

Ed Spitler, Coordinator/Professor
(910) 695-3797


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