Law Enforcement Training – Classes (Continuing Education)

For information about our Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) program, click here.

Law Enforcement Training

This class is offered under guidelines and requirements as set forth by North Carolina Sheriff’s Education and Training Standards Commission. Trainees must successfully complete 22 blocks of instruction and pass State administered exam as well as demonstrate competency in all skill areas in order to be eligible for certification as a detention officer. Lecture, demonstrations and practical exercises are primary methods of instruction. Contact Denise Cameron for registration information at camerond@sandhills. edu or 910-695-3944. Prerequisites: High School diploma or equivalent.
18 CEUs
$180 + $5 tech fee
Instructor: Nachia Revels
$180 + $5 tech fee

1842                TBA                 M-F                 8am-5pm

Radar/Lidar/Re-Cert R/L Re-Cert      call for date
Basic Lidar      call for date
Basic Radar      call for date