Lori Williams and Teresa ReynoldsGreen Resolution Adopted by Trustees

The heartfelt words of Kermit the Frog, “It’s not easy being green,” were not the sentiments of the Sandhills Community College Board of Trustees at their regular Board Meeting in October.

The trustees set into motion their commitment to the efforts of the Sandhills Community College Green Committee organized by Teresa Reynolds, Director of Community Enrichment and the Center for Creative Retirement.

“Mid-South Food Service has graciously donated 60 recycling containers to place throughout our campus which will enhance our recycling efforts,” said Reynolds. “We are committed to increasing campus awareness of the importance of taking care of our planet.”

Lori Williams, Director of Community Outreach for Continuing Education, informed the Board about plans for a week-long Green Summit, which will be held in April.  “Progress Energy has made a financial commitment to the Summit, “Williams told the group. “We hope to have additional contributions from area businesses and industries to really give the Summit, and overall efforts to keep the community informed about environmental issues, a real boost.  We’re all in this together.”

She also told the Board about a new student club, The Green Flyers, which will spearhead many recycling and sustainability efforts on the campus.

Williams also presented a resolution to the Board of Trustees. The Resolution, simply stated, says that the college will consider environmental and sustainability efforts in all of the purchasing, building, and technology efforts.  The Board passed the Resolution unanimously.

George Little, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, wholeheartedly expressed his support regarding the efforts and spring event. He commended the efforts of the Green Committee.

It is hoped that The Green Summit is a catalyst to offer environmental courses needed by contractors, office professionals, and homeowners.

For more information, or to champion the cause, please contact Lori Williams at (910) 246-4943.