SCC Green Summit Celebrates Earth Day

Sandhills Community College is preparing for a two-day Green Summit on its campus that will provide area residents with a host of opportunities to “go green.” The event is a collaborative effort between the SCC Health and Wellness Committee, the SCC Green Committee and the Sandhills Horticultural Society. Eat Smart, Move More, and Go Green was scheduled to commemorate Earth Day. The summit is the culmination of the college’s own green initiative to reduce paper usage, promote electronic communication, and the distribution of plastic and aluminum recycling containers throughout campus.

Lori Williams, SCC Director of Community Outreach, scheduled events for Tuesday and Wednesday, April 21 and 22 at numerous locations on the campus. As the title of the summit suggests, the various programs will feature opportunities to experience and learn more about good nutrition, beneficial exercise and green initiatives.

“Special thanks go to Progress Energy for their sponsorship,” said Williams. “It is very difficult to host an event of this magnitude without many resources and Progress Energy has been on board since our initial meeting last year.”

The keynote speaker of the Summit will be Dr. Sam Mozley, retired professor of Zoology at NC State University. He will speak on Climate Change in the Ball Visitors Center at 10 a.m. on April 21. Dr. Mozley has authored numerous scientific papers and is a trainee of the Al Gore Climate Project.

The SCC cafeteria will offer a heart-healthy lunch and the afternoon will feature a host of workshops. Rhett Morris of Rhett's Restaurant in Southern Pines will be demonstrating “Cooking with Herbs” and Carol Dowd of Botanicals will present “Arrangements Using Vegetables and Herbs.” Karen Pilson of Nature's Own will demonstrate environmentally friendly products.

Various presentations will be held in the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens. Among them will be: Edible Landscapes, Organic Vegetable Gardening, Water-wise Gardening, Gardening for Children, Moore County’s Community Gardens, Native Plants, Bluebirds, Composting, and Bees. The sessions are scheduled from 1-3 p.m. and are a result of a shared effort by The Moore County Master Gardeners, The Sandhills Horticultural Society represented by Mrs. Dolores Muller, Board Representative, and Mr. Peter Pottle, President of the Horticultural Society and the Sandhills Community College Horticulture Department.

Also scheduled for the afternoon will be presentations by SCC faculty members entitled “Green Literature in America” by Dean Ron Layne and Professor Larry Allen and “Spaying and Neutering Your Pet Helps Your Environment” by Professor Deborah Wilson. In addition, Mr. Alan Gentry of Cleveland State CC in Tennessee will offer a presentation entitled “Five Ways to Reduce your Energy Bill.”

Participants are invited to return to the campus for day two of the summit on Wednesday, April 22 for the Wellness Adventure coordinated by the SCC Health and Wellness Committee led by Professor Bill Croft. Events will include health assessments from the SCC nursing faculty and students (breathing, stress, lung function, oxygen saturation, sleep assessment, vital signs, and blood sugar). These will be available in the Dempsey Student Center from 10–2. There will also be exhibits by various health and exercise firms, local suppliers of healthy foods, and SCC health science programs. Also in the Dempsey Center gymnasium, Gold’s Gym personnel will present the latest fitness craze BODYJAM and BODYVIVE.

Further information is available at the SCC Community Enrichment facebook page and the college’s website provides a full description of events.