Office 365 Email - Proxy Access

Access an Individual's Account

Shared access to your email or calendar, which was called "proxy access" in GroupWise, is referred to as making that person a "delegate" in Office 365. Microsoft provides instructions for how to grant delegate access to your account on Windows and Mac computers. Instructions for how to access and manage others' folders and calendars for your personal account are the same as those for accessing departmental and scheduling accounts.

Access a Department / Scheduling Account

Department or scheduling accounts, sometimes referred to as “non-person accounts,” are accounts used for purposes such as coordinating groups and departments or for scheduling rooms and spaces. Often access to these accounts is shared with several members of an organization. You can report issues with or request a new departmental or scheduling account through this online form. When the account is available, account managers can manage access and users can access the accounts with these provided directions.



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