Outlook 2010 - Manual Archiving

How to manually archive email messages and other items in Outlook 2010.

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Cleanup Tools.
  3. Click Archive.
  4. Select the Archive This Folder And All Subfolders option.
  5. Select folder you wish to archive. Click the + next to a folder to view and select subfolders.

    NOTE: All items within the selected folder and all subfolders within the selected folder will be
    archived. Select Mailbox -User’s Name to archive all Outlook items.
  6. Specify a date under Archive Items Older Than.
  7. Under Archive File, click Browse to specify a new file or location and create a folder called:: email archives on the C drive of your local Computer. Please put your email archives in this location on your C: drive. Please DO NOT USE the default location. Browse to find the file that you want, or enter the file name, then click OK. The destination file location appears in the Archive File box.

    NOTE: New archives created with Microsoft Outlook 2010 are saved in the following locations: Please do not save to these locations. Create a folder called email archives on your C: drive only. The below listed locations are directed to our File servers for Full Time Employees.

    • drive:\Users\user\Documents\Outlook Files\archive.pst
    • drive:\Documents and Settings\user \Local Settings\Application

  8. Select the Include Items With "Do Not AutoArchive" Checked check box to include any items that might be individually marked to be excluded from automatic archiving. This option does not remove that exclusion from these items, but instead ignores the Do Not AutoArchive check box for this archive only. If you choose to manually archive these items during this procedure, the items will again be subject to the Do Not AutoArchive setting unless you manually override that setting again in the future.
  9. Click OK.

    NOTE: Outlook automatically creates another archive file for items in the folder and location specified. To access items in your archive, do one of the following: If the archive Outlook Data File (.pst) is open in Outlook, the name of the archive will appear under All Folders in the Folder List on the Navigation Pane.

    If the archive Outlook Data File (.pst) is not open in Outlook:
    1. Click the File tab.
    2. Click Open.
    3. Click Open Outlook Data File and browse to open the archive Outlook Data File (.pst).

    The name of the archive will appear under the Mail or Folder List in the Navigation Pane.




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