How to Print Your Advisee Report from Datatel

Please follow these steps to print a copy of your Faculty Advisee Report from Datatel:
After reading the instructions below, click the "Printable Version" icon to save a copy of these instructions in MS Word:
Click the 'Printable Version' button to print a 1-page version of your Faculty Advisee Report in MS Word.
  1. Type "FAVR" in the "Quick Access" box after you login to Datatel. Then click the "Go" button:

    Type 'FAVR' in the 'Quick Access' box and then click the 'Go' button.

  2. On the next screen, "Faculty Advisee Report," type the year and semester in the "Terms" box in the format shown below (2008fa for fall, 2008sp for spring 2008, 2008su for summer 2008):

    Type the course term in the 'Terms' box.

  3. Then click the "Advisors" box, type your last name, and click the "Save All" icon. (When you click the "Advisors" box, Datatel will convert the format of the term as shown in the image below.)

    Enter your last name and click the 'Save All' icon.

  4. On the next screen, select your name. Then click the "Save All" icon:

    Select your name and click the 'Save All' icon.

  5. When the next screen (Sort Definition) appears, click the "Save All" icon.
  6. On the next screen, click the "Output Device" menu button and choose "Hold/Browse File Output" from the menu. Then click the "Save All" icon:

    Click the 'Output Device', choose 'Hold/Browse File Output,' and click 'Save All.'.

  7. When the next screen (Job Description) appears, click "Save All" and then click the "Finish" button when the next page (Faculty Advisee Report) appears. Your Faculty Advisee Report will then appear on a new screen (Report Browser). Click the printer icon to print a copy and then the "open door" icon to close the Advisee Report and return to Datatel.

    Click the printer icon to print a copy and the 'open door' icon to close the roster.

  8. To print a second Advisee Report for a different instructor or term, repeat Step 2 above. When you begin Step 2, however, click the "1" button in front of any field that you wish change and then click "Delete" in the "Alert" box to clear the field. Then continue as in Step 2.
  9. (Optional — Saving the Advisee Report) If you want to save a copy of the Advisee Report, use your mouse to select the text in the roster (note that you may have several pages of advisees), copy each into a Word document, and change the page layout to "Landscape" and the font size to "Courier 8." The roster will then be in the same format as you saw it on the Datatel screen, arranged in rows and columns.


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